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 Nieborów's history dates back to the 17th century, when the palace was constructed for Primate Michał Radziejowski. Ownership was transferred to the Radziwiłł family in the second half of the 18th century and they transformed it into a residence fit for one of the most powerful families in Poland. The family occupied it until the end of WWII, when the property was taken over by the state.

Nowadays, the Baroque Nieborów palace is impressive not only for the building with its sand façade and mansard roof located amidst vast gardens, but primarily for the priceless art collection it houses.

Arkadia  - a romantic, blissful landscape park (5km from Nieborów) was established by Helena Radziwiłł in 1778. Arranged according to the Sentimentalist guidelines of a return to nature and antiquity in vogue at the time, it is filled with artificial ruins and meditation temples, atmospheric rapids, bridges and ponds.

Nieborów and Arkadia are two of Masovia's most precious monuments. Nieborów is a beautiful example of an aristocratic residence while Arkadia, the "land of peace and happiness", stands out as one of Poland's most magnificent parks.

Leave Nieborów to reach the nearby Żelazowa Wola, a village on the Utrata river and visit a charming old Polish manor, the birthplace of the composer F. Chopin. The house where Chopin was born is now a museum surrounded by a large garden. The musem has been reconstructed in very modern style. Afterwords, continue to Brochów, a typical Mazovian village with a Renaissance basilica , the place of Chopin's wedding and the baptism of F. Chopin

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